"Success is a great deodorant" (Elizabeth Taylor)

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The deodorant is one of the fundamental and indispensable products in the daily life of each of us and often its ingredients are not known, whether it is a natural product or that can cause irritation and is based above all on the price, on the brand, or on whether it's buy in a hurry at the supermarket.

Today I will talk to you about why choosing a deodorant is important for your health and why choosing a natural one is the best decision.

Traditional deodorants, especially those that promise you to feel fresh and fragrant for 48 hours, are harmful to the skin, as they block body sweating, promising the elimination of bad odors.

But this is not the truth!

Most traditional deodorants contain aluminum hydrochloride, which closes the pores of the skin, altering normal body sweating and causing long-term skin irritation, failure to expel toxins that remain closed under the skin, pain, and annoying allergies.

The armpits are an extremely delicate and sensitive part of the body really close to your breast; traditional deodorants contain chemicals that are absorbed very quickly, causing various unwanted effects.

The major highly toxic substances present in traditional deodorants are aluminum hydrochloride, parabens, preservatives, and synthetic perfumes.

Natural deodorants contain none of these, they are truly the best choice for your body.

Let's go together to find out why!