This Monstera shaped lotion provides your skin with The Best vitamin-rich moisture! Made with 100% organic ingredients! Cacao butter, shea butter, kpangnan butter, and spirulina infused olive oil for color! 


Made with organic beeswax! Choose the "candelilla wax option" as a great vegan-friendly wax option!


Build Your Lotion Bar! "No essential oil" is recommended for young kids and sensitive skin types. 


  • Add Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil and make it into a yummy orange & chocolate scent! Not recommended for ages 2 years and younger.


  • Add Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil for chocolate & lemongrassy scent! Not recommended for ages 10 years and younger.


  • Add Peppermint Essential Oil and make it Mint ChocolateNot recommended for ages 10 years and younger.


  • Add Organic Lemon Essential Oil and make it into a Lemon Meringue Scent! Not recommended for ages 2 years and younger.


  • Add Organic Cedarwood and Frankincense Essential Oil for a woodsy, green & earthy calming scent. This blend is loved by men and women alike! Recommended for ages 2 years and above.


How to use: Use right after your shower or bath on damp skin. The water on your skin and the butters and oil in the bars to create a creamy lotion that keeps your skin soft all day long! You don't need to rinse just towel dry (always pat skin dry).


Cut off a piece and use it in the shower!

I love cutting a piece off to take in the shower with me! At the end of the shower rub it between your hand or directly onto your body. As it mixes with the water from your shower it creates a creamy lotion. Once you’re done get out, pat dry, and you’re good to go for the day!


2 oz Lotion Bar

Packaged in an aluminum container

Made in small batches 

Monstera & Succulent Lotion Bar

Wax Option
Essential Oil
  • Organic Cold-Pressed Cacao Butter, Organic Unrefined Grade A Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Raw Kpangnan Butter, Organic Spirulina Infused Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil







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