Calendula Hydrosol - hydrosols are also known as floral waters, herbal waters, and essential waters. This hydrosol is obtained by steam distillation from organic calendula flowers. This hydrosol is soothing & sweet! It works as a wonderful toner to help soothe blemishes and irritation. 


This brightly colored flower helps support radiant-looking skin! The beautiful scent helps encourage happiness! Great for even the most delicate baby skin. Some of the benefits include:


  • Purifies the skin
  • Smoothes & softens skin
  • Refreshes appearance
  • Soothes redness
  • Hydrates dry, sensitive skin


Store a bottle in your refrigerator for a cooling mist after a day spent outside!


Pair them with a face and/or body oil to help the oil absorb and deeply penetrate into your skin. Mist your skin with 5-8 sprays of the hydrosol, and then apply the oil overtop while your skin is still damp. This method delivers the same benefits as using a water-based cream or a lotion, only without the additional toxic emulsifiers and preservatives.


Pairs well with Hemp Seed Face OilRosehip & Hibiscus OilCarrot, Turmeric, Ginger, Banana & Honey Soap, and Calendula Oil


Customize this floral mist with added Helichrysum Hydrosol! This brightly colored flower will help brighten & moisturize your skin! It has rejuvenating and restoring properties. Energetically, it is uplifting & grounding. Some people say helichrysum is an acquired scent. It has an earthy, herbaceous, maple syrup-like scent!


Packaged in glass containers

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Calendula Hydrosol