Here you can customize a sample face set before you decide to purchase the full sizes!


If you're unsure about what to choose, I encourage you to send a message in the "Live Chat" for helpful recommendations based on your specific skin needs! 


This set will include the following:

1 Herbal Facial Steam (sample size)

1 Face Oil (5 ml sample size)

1 Clay Mask (sample size)

1 Facial Soap Bar (full size approx 4 oz)

1 Hibiscus Infused Rosewater (10 ml sample size)

1 ritual guide for suggested use



  • Use a Clay Mask once or twice a week
  • Use the Herbal Facial Steam once a week


Consider adding in a Brown Sugar Face Scrub to your order to help with a deeper exfoliation once or twice a week.


Consider adding in a Cleansing Oil to remove makeup before cleansing with soap. This makes the process a lot more gentle and nourishing for your skin. On days you don't wear makeup (or if you don't really wear makeup at all). Give your skin a break by only Oil Cleansing some days or nights. 

Custom Sample Face Sets