The best natural deodorant packaged in Earth-friendly materials! 


Pair with an armpit detox (doubles as a face mask) to help remove toxins and make switching to natural deodorant easier! Check out the suggested use for more details! 


This all-natural deodorant goes on smooth and leaves your underarms feeling silky and smelling fresh all day. Made with raw, unrefined Shea Butter and handmade Calendula Infused Jojoba Oil, our deodorant easily penetrates deep into your skin – guaranteeing hours of protection, comfort, and anti-bacterial defense. Essential oils work hard to fight odor. Deodorant was tested smack in the middle of the Louisiana summer and 9 out of 10 pits agree: it’s a lifesaver!


Made in small batches

Available in a 2 oz glass jar with a metal lid or 2 oz compostable kraft paper tube

shipped in eco-friendly materials

Natural Deodorant