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Herbal Infused Oils

Updated: Mar 5

Organic herbal infusions draw out the benefits of the whole plant. Herbs and oils infuse for 6+ and are then strained and used as effective main ingredients in my products. They complement essential oils well and provide the same benefits if not more. Organic herbal infused oils are an ideal moisturizer for sensitive skin and children.

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Organic Plantain Infused Extra Virgin Oil Olive


It's packed with anti-aging antioxidants, full of vitamins and antibacterial properties. Organic Plantain Leaf aids in quicker healing of wounds. It contains antibacterial properties and when applied to the wounds topically, this herb helps in killing the germs. It induces quicker healing, and triggers the synthesis of skin cells. It also promotes healing of sores and bruises. Its soothed irritated skin and helps speed up healing of cuts and scrapes. Great for eczema and other dry skin conditions.

This can be found in products like Earth Day Body Butter, Honey Butter, and Earth Day Balm

Organic Hibiscus & Rosehip Infused Grapeseed Oil


One of the best smelling herbal infusions that contains a wealth of benefits for your skin. Organic Rosehip hydrates and absorbs down into the skin allowing the antioxidants to really penetrate deeply. Rosehip can help with spots, discoloration and wrinkles. Its combats damage and helps improve texture and tone. Organic Hibiscus encourages fresher smoother skin! It helps purify skin by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover. Organic Grapeseed Oil is one of the first oils I started using on my face. It could see and feel a difference and have been in love ever since. Grapeseed Oil helps in tightening the skin. The antioxidants in the oil help treat acne as well. The oil also acts as a moisturizer that balances both the dry and oily patches on the skin without clogging pores.

This can be found in products like Pomegranate Face Serum, Honey Butter, and Earth Day Body Butter

Organic Chamomile Infused Grapeseed Oil


Use Organic Chamomile Oil to calm your skin. It soothes redness and irritation. It helps fade spots, eliminate acne scars and fight breakouts. Chamomile is a powerhouse of antioxidants and protects the skin from free-radical damage.

This can be found in products like Lavender & Chamomile w/ Blue tansy Collection, Earth Day Body Butter, Honey Butter, and Earth Day Balm.



Purely Clean Ingredients -Fresh organic creamy butters and rich herbal infused oils are whipped into signature blends that leave your skin naturally soft and glowing. Paired with pure essential oils that uplift your mood and stimulate your senses. Take care of your skin naturally and nourish it with Earth's Essentials.


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