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Herbal infused oil (equally known as a macerated oil) is carrier oil (like jojoba or olive oil) that has been 'infused' with flowers, herbs, or resins! As the herbs and flowers infuse in oil the medicinal properties of the flowers, herbs, or resins are extracted into the carrier oil. Allowing the beneficial properties of the plant to be used in various ways.

Earth Essentials by Erica only uses organic flowers, herbs, and resins to ensure they are not including synthetic chemicals in their creations. This plant material is then infused in organic cold-pressed unrefined oils for 6+ weeks. This is a gentle, time-honored method of extracting the medicinal properties of the plant. During the summer months, specific herbal oils are solar infused to help draw out all of the medicinal benefits with the gentle warmth of the sun. There are other methods of producing herbal oils. Although this is Earth Essentials by Erica's preferred method of creating them.