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Choosing the right oils for you is like choosing a movie on Netflix: pretty confusing. But a truth bomb: you only need to know the difference among types of oils, whether organic, cold-pressed, refined, and choose what will give you tons of benefits. And that is what I'm here for! Here are the differences between organic, cold-pressed, and refined oils. Let's go!

Unrefined vs. refined oil for skin

The main difference between refined vs. unrefined oils is the amount of processing they undergo.

Unrefined oils are pressed once and undergo no further process or are heated at low-temperature conditions. Refined oils are just the opposite. They undergo further processing and are exposed to extensive heat. Solvent treatments are also used to remove the undesired odor of the oil and bleaching to fade its color.

So, which is more beneficial: Unrefined or refined oils?

Since unrefined oils undergo minimal processing, it retains much of their nutrient components. With refined oils, much of its potent antioxidants and nutrients have been stripped off due to further processing.

However, unrefined oils can carry intense color or smell compared to refined oils because they didn't undergo bleaching or deodorizing. Refined oils also are much cheaper. But, if you want the type of oil that will provide you maximum nutrient benefits, then give unrefined oils a go.