Updated: Sep 3, 2020

People often confuse "essential oil" and "fragrance" but they are different in a number of ways. Although both types of oils can sometimes be used for the same purpose, they are chemically, priced differently, and possess different properties. Essential oil is a plant's oil. It can be extracted in a number of ways. However, all plants do not contain essential oil. Essential oils extracted from plants contain aromatic properties used as remedies for a number of problems. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy practice that has been known to help ease muscle pain, emotional problems, menstrual issues, skin problems, arthritis, and more.

Essential oils vary considerably in price, depending on the type, season, and availability. Some essential oils, such as rose and sandalwood, are always expensive because of the complex and timely extraction processes involved.

Fragrance oils are chemically made synthetic products and therefore do not possess the natural healing properties of essential oils. Fragrance oils are essentially a "pleasant" aroma, and many modern perfumes are created using fragrance oils. It is possible to chemically create almost any aroma in the fragrance oil, unlike an essential oil, which is extracted from a plant. Fragrance oils are not volatile because they are synthetically made; therefore, fragrance oils usually last longer than essential oils.

The range of fragrance oils is a lot wider than essential oils because almost any fragrance can be made in a laboratory. Fragrance oils may contain a certain percentage of essential oils, but they are not completely natural like essential oils are. Fragrance oils are much cheaper than essential oils because of the ease at which they are synthetically made; almost any aroma is available as a fragrance oil. Examples of fragrance oils that cannot be extracted in essential oil formats include banana, strawberry, melon, apple, blueberry pie, and hot fudge cake.

Fragrance oils contain chemicals that have been known to disrupt hormones, cause respiratory issues, and skin irritation. Overall "fragrance" is harmful to our body and the environment. I believe fragrance oils are toxic like any other chemical, and as a chemical, it is not something you want to inhale or put on you or your family's skin.


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