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Organic essential oil blend for your diffuser. This special organic essential oil blend has been known to ease our mind & help our whole body relax.


Scent: Beautifully fragrant, with rich, sweet, spicy & earthy floral tones. 


Sweet Dreams: This blend has been known to help with relaxation. It's perfect for diffusing on your nightstand right before bed. It also helps to promote a sense of calm if you're feeling anxious and/or overwhelmed. 


Sweet Dreams organic essential oil blend is available in a variety of offerings. Click here to view the collection!


Packaged in glass containers

Carefully Created in Small Batches

Shipped in Earth-Friendly Material

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

  • *Lavender Essential Oil, *Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, *Frankincense Essential Oil, *Cedarwood Essential Oil


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