Dry skin conditions such as eczema can be tricky to manage, not to mention the dizzying number of products and the expensive treatments in the market. The good news is that you don't have to look further because natural ways and products are safe and don't break your banks! I'm happy to share how I helped my son with his eczema with you today. Let's dive right in!

Causes or Triggers of Dry Skin

First, it's important to identify the causes or triggers of your dry skin condition. Some of the triggers can be:

● Changes in season or certain weather conditions

● Certain types of food or drinks

● Artificial fragrances, dyes, and toxins in skincare products

● Soaps or detergents

● Stress and more!

Identifying triggers allows us to find the right way to relieve dry skin conditions.

Ways to Relieve Your Dry Skin Condition Naturally

1) Ditch harsh cleaners and exfoliants and switch to more gentle, hydrating products

One of the best decisions I ever made that improved my son's eczema was to switch to natural detergents. We also stopped using liquid fabric softeners such as Downy or Gain and dryer sheets; instead, we used all-natural and chemical-free wool dryer balls.

I realized that I didn't need these commercial products at all. Natural detergents and vinegar keep the clot