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The beautiful yellow, green-speckled pumpkins sparkle in autumn. The cold-pressed oil is derived from the rich golden seeds of the pumpkins. Orange-red oil is known for its health and skincare benefits for centuries. It has a nutty flavor and scent that makes it a favorite dressing for salads.

The organic cold-press pumpkin seed oil has a plethora of rich nutrients, unsaturated fats, and minerals. For these rich treasures, the oil is known as “hero fixing” in skincare routines, specifically in falls. In cold autumns and dry winters when skin loses its luster, becomes dry and dull, pumpkin oil magically replenishes and revitalizes the skin.

Why cold-press organic pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil is a natural carrier oil. It is cold-pressed from the seeds to preserve its nutritive value, purity, and efficiency to benefit the skin. Moreover naturally squeezed oil is more absorbent and less sticky thus seeps into the skin very well. For skin and hair care always prefer organic, cold press pumpkin oil, it will double the benefits.