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Yarrow skincare benefits

As a botanical ingredient of many cosmetics, Yarrow's skincare benefits are endless. Yarrow is an ideal organic herb for problematic and sensitive skin.

Yarrow is a herb with small leaves and white flowers. It is native to Europe and western Asia but found in almost all mild to warm regions around the world.

An interesting fact about Yarrow:

The botanical name of Yarrow Achillea millefolium is named after a Greek Trojan war hero Achilles. He used to apply yarrow topically to the wounds of troops after the war, for its healing and antiseptic properties. It is commonly called Herba Militaris(the military herb).

Nutritive value:

Scientific studies have found hundreds of dynamic natural chemical compounds in yarrow which provide a whole array of benefits along with it.

  • The natural chemical constituents in it are salicylic acid, flavonoids, achilleine.

  • Minerals; zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and niacin

  • Vitamins A and C

  • Antioxidants: saponin, coumarins, lactones, terpineol.

How yarrow is used in skincare products:

As a skincare botanical ingredient yarrow is used in various forms:

  • Essential oil

  • Yarrow extract

  • Infused oils

  • Dried powder

  • serums

It is used widely as an active ingredient of all kinds of cosmetics; hair care products, creams, lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, toners, facial masks, etc.

Dermatological ointments, balms, poultices, tinctures, suppository are enriched with yarrow for their versatile and magical actions.

Yarrow Skincare Benefits:

Yarrow is a medicinal herb. It has a centuries-old history as a skin healer and oral herbal medicine. Some of yarrow skin benefits are:

Maintain PH level:

Yarrow can maintain our skin Ph level. The ph level is the balance of water and oil of our skin. Cosmetics containing Yarrow act as a protective skin barrier to maintain healthy skin.

Yarrow-enriched cleansers, moisturizers, or toners help to strike the right balance of PH our skin needs to stay healthiest.

Skin Regeneration and reduce Wrinkles:

Scientific experiments proved yarrow also helps in skin regeneration. It enhances skin renewal thus help reducing wrinkles and pores.

As an anti-aging ingredient, it is a vital part of many traditional remedies and modern cosmetic creams.

Yarrow as a Skin Cleanser:

In skin cleansing, routine organic herbs like yarrow are a blessing. As a daily cleanser, it leaves oil-free, smooth, toxic-free skin. Skin keeps hydrated after its use. Yarrow is added to the facial steams to clean the skin completely.

Herbal Face Steam -A specially curated, naturally rejuvenating blend of organic botanicals and herbs that help cleanse, hydrate, and promote relaxation.

A natural Astringent:

Yarrow is well-known for its skin tightening effects for years. It shrinks the pores and reduces the chances of skin infections and acne.

Yarrow oil or serums, when applied on the saggy skin, contracts the facial muscles and make them look tighten and youthful.

Cleansing Oil - Oil cleansing is a method that balances oil production. It's a great way to help support your skin by taking a day off from "soap" and instead utilizing oils that are high in vitamins, antioxidants, and astringent qualities to cleanse and nourish your skin.

Skin Moisturizer:

Yarrow is an active ingredient in skin moisturizers and lotions. Yarrow restores the moisture of the skin. And keep the skin hydrated for a long time.

Eliminate scars and marks:

Yarrow is a cicatrisant which means it eliminates scars and marks. As a Cicatrisant it is also a pain-relieving (analgesic), and antibacterial.

Many creams and lotions for eliminating scars are extremely expensive. Yarrow is a natural alternative that can clear all these unwanted scars of acne, pimples, or boils.

Soothes skin:

Yarrow,s anti-inflammatory properties heal and soothe the skin. It is a bit aromatic. The aroma is very calming and soothing which makes it essential for spa treatments.

Not only for facial use, but it can also soothe any part of the body.

Heals minor cuts and acne:

It reduces the acne on the skin as it controls sebum production. Being an antiseptic protect against infections and acne spread.

Many acne-healing lotions and blemishes balms contain yarrow extract and oil for yarrow's antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties.

Hemp Seed Face Oil - This lightweight face oil helps balance, moisturize, and soothe skin. It's been created to support all skin types including reactive & acne-prone skin. It absorbs quickly into your skin leaving it clean, soft, supple & nourished!

Yarrow for haircare:

It is believed to be effective for baldness. It is a stimulant and increases blood circulation. It helps in stimulating hair follicles and improves the hair growth process.

Hair gets a boast if yarrow is included in shampoo. A rinse of yarrow is great for oily hair.

Herbal Hair Oil - This hair and scalp oil is formulated with mineral-rich unrefined cold-pressed oils AND herbs that have been known to help keep your scalp healthy and moisturize your hair, naturally!

Take Away:

Keeping in view the above said skincare benefits of yarrow, it is obvious to perceive how valuable an ingredient is - organic yarrow for your daily skincare routine.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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