This organic Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol) is steam distilled. Use to naturally cleanse, refresh, hydrate, tone, and soften skin!

* It's important to use organic roses in this offering as typically roses are full of pesticides (and more) which are not good for our skin, overall health, or Earth.

It can be used by itself or paired with face oils for added hydration and rejuvenating skin benefits. 

Hibiscus Infusion (Pink); is great for all skin types, especially dry skin.

No Infusion (Clear); is blended with a little extra organic witch hazel making it great for oily and/or problematic & acne-prone skin. 

Scent: Floral & Herbaceous 

Use after cleansing, as a toner, setting spray for makeup, all-over moisturizer, sunburns, after shaving, hair, and more!

It helps rejuvenate and uplifts emotional levels, naturally!

These organic ingredients have also been known to:
Tone skin.
Brighten skin tone. 
Helps control excess oil.
Has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin and get rid of acne.

It's so refreshing and smells beautiful!

Packaged in a clear glass spray bottle with a fine mist.
Bottled in small batches.

Rose Water

  • Hibiscus Infusion: Hibiscus Infused Organic Rosewater, Organic Witch Hazel (contains 14% organic alcohol)

    No Infusion: Organic Rosewater, Organic Witch Hazel (contains 14% organic alcohol) 







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