"Frankincense allows us to remain focused on the tasks at hand by keeping us calm, cool and collected when chaos is all around us." (Leon Green)

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A distant and mystical journey leads us to know Frankincense, one of the most sacred and at the same time rich and sensual fragrances that Nature offers us.


Frankincense, also knows as Oliban, is a very aromatic resin that is obtained from the trunk of several species of Boswellia, a very branched plant with a suggestive appearance, present in the hot and arid areas of the Somali desert and southern Arabia.

Just think that Egyptian women used it in the preparations of beauty masks and integrated it with kohl powder to colo

r their eyes; this action was not done only and exclusively for beauty, but also with a hygienic purpose. Frankincense powder is antiseptic and helps keep eyes and skin healthy.

It has been used since ancient times as a gift to the Gods, it is one of the most precious oils and because of its intense aroma, it is often called "the king of essential oils"!

There are about 15 different species of Boswellia, among the most important, there are the Boswellia carterii, also called "moxor" and the most valuable and expensive of all, the Bowellia frereana, called "jagcaar" and they are the ones we will talk about in this article.