Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba oil is a very popular carrier oil. It is commonly used in natural skin and hair care products for its exceptional hypoallergenic cosmetic benefits.

History and Origin of Jojoba oil for skincare:

Organic Jojoba oil is extracted from a woody, wild, shrub native to the hot, arid climate of northwestern Mexico, southern Arizona, and southern California

The name of Jojoba is originated from “Hohowi”. It was given by the Native Americans O'odham tribe. . Centuries ago they used it for its antibacterial and skin-healing properties and for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The oil and paste of nuts were used to treat wounds, sores, burns, Hair-care, and skin-care.

In 1971 campaigns were happening to save sperm whales! YES! This led to a discovery that jojoba oil was chemically similar in many ways and even better than sperm whale oil topically!

Around the early 1970s, It became one of the most popular cosmetic carrier oils.

How organic jojoba oil is extracted:

Cold-pressed organic jojoba oil is 100% natural. Jojoba seeds are compressed between two metal plates to squeeze the oil naturally. Cold-pressed organic jojoba oil is a light-Gold-colored wax ester. This non-greasy wax is suitable for all skin types.