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"Hydrosols are nature's own beauty elixir, offering the purest hydration and soothing relief, all while keeping you close to the heart of the Earth." - Erica

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In this article, we will talk about hydrosols, what they are, and what their fantastic benefits are for the skin!

What Exactly Are Hydrosols?

Ever heard of hydrosols? These delightful aromatic waters are a hidden gem in the world of natural beauty. Produced during the steam distillation process of plants—like flowers, herbs, and leaves—hydrosols are what you get when you capture the very essence of a plant. They're actually a byproduct of making essential oils, but trust me, they're a star in their own right!

When plants are steamed, their essential oils and other beneficial compounds are released into the vapor. As this vapor cools, it condenses into a layer of essential oil on top and a rich, fragrant water beneath—that's your hydrosol! While essential oils are potent and concentrated, hydrosols are much gentler and perfect for everyday use, making them an excellent choice for sensitive skin, babies, or even during pregnancy.

A Brief History of Hydrosols

The art of distilling plants is far from new. It dates back to ancient times, with the 10th century Arabs pioneering the distillation of aromatic waters. They discovered its virtues not just for skincare but for overall well-being. This ancient wisdom lets us pamper both our skin and spirit with something as simple as a plant's essence!

Why You Should Incorporate Hydrosols into Your Routine

Hydrosols are incredibly versatile and a must-have for your skincare toolkit. Here's why:

  • Soothing and Refreshing: They can calm skin irritation and refresh your skin throughout the day.

  • Gentle Toning Properties: Hydrosols make fantastic facial toners, helping to balance your skin’s pH, cleanse, and soothe redness.

  • Moisturizing Benefits: Even the driest skin can benefit from the hydrating touch of a hydrosol.

  • Aromatherapy: Their subtle scents can help relax and uplift your mood.

Practical Tips for Using Hydrosols

Using hydrosols couldn't be easier. Spray directly onto your skin to tone and hydrate, or pair them with your favorite facial oils for enhanced absorption. Here’s a quick tip: mist your face with hydrosol, then apply your oil while the skin is still damp. It’s like a natural, simpler version of a water-based cream. No toxins! You can also mist an organic cotton pad with your hydrosol and gently swipe it over your skin to remove dirt and excess oil.

Keep Them Fresh: To get the best out of your hydrosols, use them within 1-2 months. Store them in a cool, dark place to maintain their potency. For an even longer shelf life and a refreshing application, you might consider keeping them refrigerated.

Curious to try? Whether it’s the calming effects of Rose Hydrosol or the brightening touch of Calendula, there’s a hydrosol for everyone.

- Calendula Hydrosol is a soothing and sweet hydrosol that will help tone, brighten, soften, and hydrate the skin gently.

- Rose Hydrosol, is a natural and gentle way to cleanse, refresh, hydrate, tone, and soften your skin!

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