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In this article, we will talk about hydrolates, what they are and what their fantastic benefits are for the skin!


By hydrosol we mean a distilled solution that contains volatile and water-soluble active ingredients of vegetable origin, such as herbs, leaves, flowers, rhizomes, roots, woods, and barks.

The first step is the extraction of the essential oil, which transfers part of its active ingredients to the water, thus creating the hydrolates.

Hydrosol is a floral water that derives precisely from the steam distillation of leaves and flowers of a plant and keeps intact the scent and properties of the essential oil from which it is derived.

The birth of hydrolates is very ancient thanks to the Arabs who in the X century began to distill aromatic waters and discover all their virtues, both for internal use and cosmetic purpose.

For a real pampering of your skin and your spirit, hydrolates are the right product for you!

Unlike essential oils, hydrolates are much lighter and more delicate, have fewer contraindications, and can also be indicated for pregnant women and small children.

They can be used pure on the skin or added to other ingredients, contain no chemical additives, and are perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Let's find out all their benefits together!



Depending on the plant used, these healing waters can have different benefits for our body and have many different uses, but they are usually used as facial toners.

  • Refreshing properties.

  • Soothing action in case of redness and delicate skin.

  • Astringent and decongestant properties, perfect even for the most impure skin.

  • They are excellent toners for the face as they balance the natural balance of the skin, and perfect for use before makeup.

  • Deeply moisturize even the driest and most cracked skin.

  • Help in cell regeneration.

  • They calm irritations even for baby's skin and help with eczema and psoriasis.

  • Help deflate tired legs, feet, and eyes.

  • Used as a final rinse after shampooing, they make hair soft and shiny.

  • Their delicate fragrances are also a real cure-all for calming and relaxing the mind.

They can also be used to perfume your house since they aren't harmful to people and animals and they don't leave any stains on surfaces!

See how beneficial floral waters are? You just have to try our hydrolates for a deeply hydrated and healthy skin.

- Calendula Hydrosol a soothing and sweet hydrosol that will help to purify, smoothes, softens and hydrates the skin in a gentle way. Perfect as a toner!

- Lavender & Chamomile Hydrosol, utilized as a toner, will help to soothe and calm your mind and skin with its wonderful scent.

- Rosewater, a natural and gentle way to cleanse, refresh, hydrate, tone, and soften your skin!

Pair them with a face and/or body oil to help the oil absorb and deeply penetrate into your skin. Mist your skin with 5-8 sprays of the hydrosol, and then apply the oil overtop while your skin is still damp. This method delivers the same benefits as using a water-based cream or a lotion, only without the additional toxic emulsifiers and preservatives.

Ready to be conquered by the magic of hydrosol?

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