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A beautiful preserved lavender bunch that has been grown, cut, and dried on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest! 


I teamed up with a growing business for these and the length and shape of each bunch will be unique. These bunches are sold in their natural state.


For best results, we recommend that you keep bunches on display in places that do not receive direct sunlight or lots of moisture. The scent is contained inside the buds (flowers have fallen off during the drying process), and the only way to release more fragrance is to crush or squeeze the buds. So if you’re feeling like your lavender bunch is not releasing the scent any longer (or is getting dusty), you might wish to gently rub the buds off the stems and continue its life in the form of potpourri or making your own eye pillow. You can also add essential oil blends to it like a potpourri! 


Royal Velvet Dried Lavender Bunch –

This lavender bunch is part of the Lavendula Angustifolia family, also known as English or true lavender. It has a much lighter, softer scent than what you might be familiar with. Royal Velvet typically has shorter stems and has dark purple, velvety-looking buds. It blooms in the early part of the summer and is one of the first to be harvested.

Preserved Organic Lavender Bundle

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