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The Herbal Hair Rinse is such a great way to rejuvenate your beautiful hair! This herbal rinse helps grow your hair and keep your scalp & hair healthy, clean, and soft!

You just steep it like tea (20 minutes to an hour), strain it, let it cool, and rinse your hair with it!


A lot of people love to add a few tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar for added cleansing benefits. 

Some of the main herbs are horsetail which contains silica - is known to help improve hair growth

Rosemary - is known to help stimulate circulation and promote hair growth

Marshmallow root - soothes your scalp and adds some slip to help remove tangles and make your hair more manageable

Nettle - is also rich in silica and sulfur which helps make your hair shiny and healthy!

Herbal Hair Rinse

  • *Horsetail, *Marshmallow Root, *Rosemary, *Rose, *Nettle, *Peppermint *Organic

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