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"Forgiveness is the smell that lavender gives out when you tread on it." (Mark Twain)

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A lavender field is certainly a beauty for all five senses, when it blooms in the summer, the show it offers is one of the most evocative that nature can give us.

In the language of flowers, lavender means "distrust", but do you know why? Ancient traditions narrate that by soaking the plant in water, this had miraculous effects to cure the bite of a snake, but at the same time, the lavender bushes were full of the nests of the same snakes. It is always necessary to approach lavender plants with caution, even if they have anti-poison properties, their sweet and pungent scent, attracts numerous bees and hornets.


This herbaceous, evergreen, and the perennial plant is native to the Mediterranean basin; it has long and narrow silver leaves and its small purple flowers, emanating an intense-herbaceous scent with a balsamic and woody undertone.

The word Lavender derives from the Latin "wash" which means "that must be washed", in fact, already in ancient times, especially in the Middle Ages, it was applied to cleanse and perfume the body; the ancient Egyptians utilized its oil in the mummification process and the ancient Romans used to dip a few sprigs in thermal waters and use it as a base for ointments and perfumes.