This very special lavender oil is soothing & nourishing for your skin, and calming for your mind & body. 


Organic lavender buds are infused with organic jojoba oil for 6+ weeks. Blended with organic unrefined cold-pressed oils of Apricot Kernel and Argan for skin rejuvenating and moisturizing benefits.


It's a lightweight oil that absorbs nicely into your skin and leaves it feeling soft & smooth.


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Scent with No Essential Oil: Very light herbal lavender scent.

Recommended for more sensitive skin types and children under age 2.


Scent With Organic Lavender "Fine" Essential Oil: A little stronger herbaceous-floral scent. Provides additional aromatherapy and skin benefits. Lavender Oil is considered safe for kids 2 and up.


Organic Lavender Fine is steam distilled from a high-altitude plant variety with a short growing season. These specialized conditions produce a more refined, complex scent than most Lavenders while retaining the traditional dry herbaceous-floral scent. Like other types of Lavender, Lavender Fine promotes calm, relaxation and relieves nervous tension. It is prized for its ability to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections such as fine lines and dark spots or to soothe skin after excess sun exposure. 



Lavender is infused in jojoba oil for 6+ weeks, extracting all of the benefits of the flower. This is a slow, time-honored method of extracting the medicinal properties of the plant.


Packaged in glass containers

Carefully Created in Small Batches

Shipped in Earth-Friendly Materials

Lavender Oil