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Summer Sunrise is Sweet, Bright & Refreshing! You Belong Among the Wildflowers!

Ingredients from Mother Earth for your mind, body & spirit! This organic blend of tangerine, chamomile, & rosemary helps soothe and refresh your mind and body.


The organic essential oil blend has been known to help:

  • Soothe our mind & body 
  • Promote a happy feeling
  • Promote relaxation
  • Help ease tired muscles 
  • Refresh, stimulate & rejuvenate 
  • Help clear our mind
  • Help increase circulation


Summer Sunrise Herbal Bath is bright, uplifting, and moisturizing! It's the perfect Summertime Bath. 


Packaged in glass containers

Carefully Created in Small Batches

Shipped in Earth-Friendly Materials

Summer Sunrise Herbal Bath

  • Summer Sunrise Bath Potion:

    Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, *Red Roses, *Pink Roses, *Helichrysum, *Chamomile, *Calendula, *Blue Cornflower, *Marshmallow Root, *Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, *Tangerine Essential Oil, *Rosemary Essential Oil, *Frankincense Essential Oil


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